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                           Who Are We?

We are a Family Owned Business. And love what we do! Established in the Spring of 2019, OutRaged was something that came about during a stressful time in our families lives.

One day, while my husband was cleaning the garage he threw a glass  jar in the glass bin and missed. The glass shattered. Lets just say it was music to my ears! I asked him if I could try, so basically he let me throw a fit in the garage smashing glass items everywhere - and let me tell ya - it felt GREAT. I felt some calm and clarity from the destruction, and honestly, it was quite fun!

We sat and talked about how we couldn't believe that a room where you acceptably and safely let all of your anger and stress out, wasn't a thing. To our surprise, it was! We just didn't have one near us! Gears had now shifted, showing us that we could give back to our community by investing in our very own rage room to show everybody of all ages and backgrounds that life gets hard and it's okay to LET IT OUT and let the little things go. 

Come be a part of something built for the greater good. Let your rage out in a fun, safe & constructive environment, at OutRaged Rage Room. YES you get to break things here!

To add more fun we also are opening our black light paint throwing room in 2023! 

fun for all ages
Family owned Rage room
Vancouver washington, Portland Orgeon
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